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Contemporary Romance

Redemption County series


A note from Sharon:


This story is book one in a planned series of three, set in a fictional southern Illinois county. I never expected to write something other than paranormal romance, but this idea took hold and wouldn’t let go. The characters wouldn’t leave, and kept whispering their life stories in my ear…

I was inspired to write the stories of people who feel they’ve done things wrong – some by accident. some on purpose, and some a little of both. I wanted to show that there are two sides (or more) to every story, and that we are all MORE than simply a list of the events in our lives.

In the Chicago area, unfortunately many men are wrongfully behind bars. That sparked the character of Cruz Zaffino. So I am delighted to share this novel with you. I hope you will take a chance on my first contemporary tale.




















Record of Wrongs (Redemption County #1)

Do your past mistakes define you forever?

Cruz Zaffino leaves prison after a serving a decade for a crime he didn’t commit. With his life all over the internet, there’s nowhere he can go to avoid his illicit past. Involved with one of Chicago’s toughest gangs, he made enemies bent on ruining everything he has. Nowhere is beyond their reach.

Every day, Rosie Marlow lives with the scars from the worst mistake of her life. It’s the one secret she has in her tiny, gossip-fueled town. When Cruz walks into her bar, covered in tattoos and dangerous attitude, she’s captivated. His rough sexuality makes her melt, and his harsh experience calls to her ownbroken soul. But her story is private and buried so deep, she’s never had the strength to share it.

She’s the unexpected light to his darkness, yet he knows she’s hiding something. Sultry summer nights in each other’s arms weaken her resistance and taunt her with the idea of forever. But as his adversaries draw close, can she love him enough to let him go?


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Falling Into Right (Redemption County #2)

How do you recover when life kick-boxes your soul?

Becca Gable is fighting to stay on her feet after a series of crushing losses. She’s always been the good girl until the events of the past year push her to make a mistake she can’t take back. Now, her corporate finance job and her fiancé are gone thanks to her newly-acquired criminal record.

Shane Marlow survived an IED blast during his service in Iraq—but half his team did not. Physically healed, he returns to his home county as a K9 officer. The scars of loss run deep and though local folks admire him, no one truly gets him—until Becca literally lands in front of him.

Their bond of shared tragedy evolves into a connection both fiery and healing. But a stalker decides that Becca’s crime should stay front and center. As the unsettling episodes reveal that no part of her life is secret, Shane is all that stands between her and the enemy.


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